With instant approval credit cards there's no waiting around for an answer when you apply.

Instead, providers will let you know whether your instant credit cards application has been approved right away. This can be really useful if you need to know quickly whether you'll have access to the credit you need.

Most credit cards now offer an apply for a credit card online instant approval facility so you find out where you stand in minutes whatever type of credit card you apply for.

You don't need to have a perfect credit history to get an answer quickly either. Credit cards for bad credit history instant decisions and fair credit instant approval credit cards are available from a number of lenders too.

The vast majority of 0% credit cards give you an instant decision, so you'll find out whether you'll be able to make a 0% balance transfer shortly after applying.

It's also worth you noting that you should always apply for an instant use credit card well in advance of when you need to use it. If the lender is unsure whether to accept or reject your application they may decide to refer it while they investigate your financial past further - this could mean you waiting several days for the decision, so always be sure you have plenty of time to spare.

Although the decision on your credit card may be made right away, you will have to sign and return the credit agreement before they send you the card. This could mean waiting several more days for the card to arrive in the post.

If your application is turned down don't be tempted to apply for another card straight away. Instead, ask the lender why you were declined and take a look at your credit report to check if there are any errors.