If you've managed to save a 10% mortgage deposit and are looking to buy a house, there are an increasing number of mortgage offers that could help you own your own home.

You'll find that a lower loan to value (LTV) ratio would make more mortgages available with lower interest rates. The LTV is the percentage of your new property's value you will need to borrow from a mortgage provider, so with a 10% deposit your LTV will be 90%.

Lower than 10% deposit mortgages

Although there is no set minimum deposit for a mortgage, having a larger deposit gives you much more choice.

There are some no deposit mortgages out there, but you'll need a spotless credit history and be able to show you can afford the repayments; you can find details of the 100% mortgages out there in our comparison table.

If you're looking for a mortgage where you put down a 5% deposit, your choice will still be severely restricted; try our comparison showing the accounts available.

If you don't have a big enough deposit for the mortgage you want, check out our guide to alternative ways onto the property ladder. Alternatively, you could consider the government's Help to Buy scheme - our guide explains the basics.

Finding the best 10% deposit mortgage deals

Low deposit mortgages for first time buyers are available, but first you should consider what you need; our guide on how to get your first mortgage will help you start out.

You'll need to decide if you want a fixed, tracker or discount mortgage. Also, you should establish whether an interest only or repayment mortgage suits you best; this guide explains the differences.

The next thing to consider will be the interest rate, as this will significantly affect the amount you pay each month.

Check the fees and charges as well, as you may find that you have to pay a higher lending charge when your deposit is low. This is an extra charge that lenders apply to cover the extra risks of mortgages with a high LTV, so don't forget to check the terms and take any extra amounts into account.

You can compare low deposit mortgages in our comparison table, which shows the selection of currently available products that require a 10% deposit. You'll then need to check the eligibility criteria, fees and terms for each, and find the cheapest option for your circumstances.

What about buy to let mortgages?

Lenders usually require a 20-25% minimum deposit for mortgage accounts where the holder wishes to rent out the property, so if you're looking for a buy to let mortgage with a 10% deposit, it's likely you'll need to rethink your plans.