One of the upsides about renting your home is that you don't have to worry about paying for any necessary repairs to the building itself, the cost of which can spiral dramatically.

You will, however, need to take into account your possessions throughout the property and content insurance for tenants can prove to be a vital safeguard for your finances .

Most companies offering tenants contents insurance UK cover will protect your and your landlord's belongings from loss, damage and theft - albeit to varying degrees depending on the band of cover.

The key to getting cheap home contents insurance for tenants is to prioritise what insurance you need and get as many quotes as possible from companies who offer that cover. You'll need to consider:

The maximum claim limit

Check that the maximum cover limit offered by any policy you're looking at is sufficient to cover both individual items and the total value of your possessions, in case of total loss through fire, for example.

Make sure any high value items are itemised and listed individually on your policy too.

Check what your most valuable item is - be it a TV, oven, bicycle or washing machine - and make sure you'd be protected if it was stolen or damaged.

You should also decide whether you want your landlord's fittings and furniture itemised on your cover.

You should also look for specific policy features - like whether the contents of your freezer or electronic data would be covered.

Shared house?

If you share with other tenants, check with each insurer to see if your house or flat is eligible for their cover.

Some providers impose strict ts and cs about the locks you need to have on your room and the precautions you need to take if you live with others and it's important that you adhere to them.

Excess, terms and conditions

Finally, decide what excess you'd be willing and/or capable of paying if you ended up needing to make a claim. Opting for a high excess can earn you cheaper insurance, but make sure you can afford it if needs be.

Compare the standard excess set by each policy and make sure you're happy with the terms and conditions attached too - this includes the exclusions and claims process and is essential to make sure you're happy with your home insurance for tenants and that you won't accidentally invalidate the policy.

If you compare renting contents insurance based on the cover provided first, you can be confident that even the cheapest quotes for home contents insurance for tenants UK will still give you the protection and peace of mind that you need.

To find out more check our guide: How to Find the Best Home Insurance Quotes.

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