Alongside the Playstation, Xbox is one of the biggest names in computer gaming and the arrival of Xbox One is still pushing back the boundaries of just what video games can do.

All of this means that these consoles are pretty expensive and if one breaks, the last thing you want to do is be left with a choice of buying a new one or giving up gaming altogether.

We help you find the best Xbox console insurance to avoid that dilemma; starting with the cover you may or may not already have in place.

Xbox warranties

When you first buy an Xbox, it will come with warranty agreements included. This means that should your console breakdown within the period of the warranty, you can get it replaced with a brand new one.

However warranty agreements are often limited. If you spill a drink on your Xbox, or damage it yourself, you'll find in small print that you're not protected. Equally, it's pretty easy for the warranty to expire while you're not looking!

You can avoid this in part by taking out Xbox extended insurance. This extends your Xbox One insurance breakdown cover from the moment the original warranty runs out. Beyond that, if you want to add-in cover for things like damage and theft you'll need a separate policy:

Home insurance?

You may think that you can simply include Xbox insurance cover as part of your general household insurance. However, sometimes this also fails to cover you to the full extent. Take a long hard look at your policy to check what is and isn't included.

It's also worth considering the excess you would have to pay if you were to claim (often more expensive on a contents policy) and the impact that doing so would have on your wider home insurance premiums.

Packaged bank account?

If you hold a packaged current account (e.g. you pay a monthly fee for your banking) there is a chance that it will include bundled deals such as free gadget insurance. If this is the case, your Xbox may well be covered - provided you add your Xbox onto the policy once you buy it.

However you still need to check that it gives you sufficient cover levels, and that the excess is affordable in case you do need to claim. Too high, and making a claim is no longer worthwhile.

What to look for in your Xbox insurance

When you buy your Xbox console, the retailer will usually attempt to tag on an insurance deal together with the purchase. While these can provide cover and feel like an easy way to make sure it's covered from the start, it is not an effective way to go looking for insurance. If you spend time shopping around, you'll probably find some cheaper and better quality Xbox One insurance cover.

The first thing to remember is that it's not the size of the quote - it's what you do with it that counts. In other words, it can be a mistake to look at premiums and just go for cheap Xbox insurance.

Instead you need to calculate what you want to insure it for and choose a policy which definitely guards against all the things that could go wrong. Typical Xbox Insurance options include:

  • Breakdown cover: Like cars, consoles can break down and go awfully awry. Software faults or just general wear and tear can grind it down until your Xbox just won't work

  • Accident cover: If you drop it or damage it in any way, accidental damage Xbox cover will repair the console or pay for a new one

  • Loss or theft: Accidental loss might often be left out of general insurance policies. You may need to pay a tiny bit extra to add loss onto the policy

  • Liquid damage: This is often overlooked, but is definitely the kind of thing that can sometimes go wrong

Insurance for Xbox controllers: Remember to check for insurance for Xbox one controllers too. The days when these were easily replaceable are gone and new controller could set you back 30 or more.

Some companies may include a minimum excess which is an amount you will have to pay regardless of any claim. There may also be a maximum pay out which means they'll only provide money up to that limit with any remaining being met by you.

The better policies should provide a cost for the repairs and, when these are not possible, provide a replacement model for you. As always look at the small print to make sure you're comfortable about your rights.

Finally, the big secret with Xbox insurance as with anything else is to find shop around: just use our Xbox comparison table to compare Xbox insurance policies. The more you do that, the better your chances of getting value for money.

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