PlayStation is one of the biggest names in gaming with the PS3, PS Vita and now the PS4. In addition its PlayStation Network has opened up an entirely new world of online gaming.
These consoles continually break new ground in what gaming can do. However, they are expensive: this means Sony console insurance can be crucial to keeping your kit live and online.

PlayStation game console insurance

With so many different types of consoles there are many different things to consider when choosing what type of PlayStation insurance cover you need. Here are just a few.
Sony PSP insurance: The Sony PSP was the first portable version of the PlayStation. It is a handheld game system which can go anywhere. Its risks are multiplied because of its portable nature making it more likely to be lost, stolen or damaged. It is now also an older model, having been superceded by the PS Vita so you may find it more difficult to insure or get a replacement.
PlayStation Vita insurance: This is the new boy on the portable PlayStation market and offers much more than its predecessor the PSP including a touchscreen, front and rear cameras, a microphone and the ability to play with friends on PS3 devices. It carries the same risks as the portable PSP but since it is newer and more advanced, PS Vita insurance is even more... vital!
PS3 insurance: The PlayStation 3 was a giant leap forward in terms of gaming. When making an insurance comparison you should look at the different models available - these vary significantly in terms of price and capabilities. When claiming for cover you should always note down the details very carefully.
PlayStation 4 insurance: The PS4 is Sony's brand new 2013 addition to the market, and insurance for PS4 will give you peace of mind just in case an accident was to occur. Many retailers will try to bundle PS4 insurance together with the sale but you can usually find cheaper, more comprehensive PS4 console cover with a quick online comparison.
Bear in mind that insurance is very different to warranties. Even PS4 games can arrive under warranty, but typically warranties only cover breakdown. Dedicated PlayStation 4 cover can protect you where warranties don't.

Finding the best PlayStation insurance

Most household insurance policies will provide some cover for items within your home including games consoles. However they may not be focused enough and cover your console for everything you want. There could be a maximum excess and limit to the types of cover provides
If you're looking at portable devices, they might not be covered when you're out and about - ironically the time when you most need the cover
There is nothing worse than finding out your PlayStation insurance cover is not as extensive as you would wish. So, here are some of the key areas you should check in any cover

  • Accident damage: If you should drop or damage the console

  • Liquid damage: Gadget insurance often does not insure liquid damage as many mobile phone owners have discovered to their cost. Make sure this is specifically included

  • Loss: This is often not fully included and you may have to pay a little bit extra each month to be certain loss is included

  • Worldwide cover: Many companies will cease to extend cover once a gadget leaves these shores. Others may limit it to travel in the EU. You might have a special travel insurance which includes your belongings, but it's important to make sure cover is as extensive as at home one way or another

  • Multibuy discounts: There are some gadget insurance providers who will provide a discount for insuring multiple gadgets

Cheap PlayStation insurance will only include some of the features, with others being added only if you can stump up the additional costs. You should weigh up the pros and cons of greater cover, versus reduced costs. In the end it's simply a case of a little bet.
If you avoid having cover or choose low-level cover, you're making a bet that your gadget will not be lost or damaged. It's always a risk and one you may be happy to take.
However, if you prefer the peace of mind of knowing your gadgets are safe then use our Sony PlayStation insurance comparison to find the best policy for your price line.

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