When you add up the value of your smart phone, camera, laptop, tablet and sat-nav you might find that you own several thousands of pounds worth of gadgets.

If the number of different gadgets that you own has shot up over the past few years you may be worried about the cost of replacing your kit should it be lost, damaged or stolen.

Here's how to look for the best multi gadget insurance compare quotes and find comprehensive insurance for gadgets at a cheap price.

What gadgets do you need cover for?

Before you start looking for a multi gadget insurance policy you will need to establish exactly which gadgets you need insurance for.

Multi-gadget insurance policies can be adapted to cover everything from you iPhone to your sat nav, so make a list of the items you want protection for before you start looking for the best deal.

Is a multi gadget policy the best choice?

If you find that you only have 1 or 2 gadgets that you want insurance for, opting for separate insurance for each may be a better choice than choosing one multi gadget insurance deal, especially if you want to customise the cover for each.

However, if you have a number of different gadgets then a single multi gadget insurance policy is likely to be the most economical option.

What level of protection do you want?

The majority of standard gadget insurance policies will offer cover against the theft or accidental damage of your gadgets.

However, if you also would like protection against breakdown or loss of your gadgets then you may need to opt for a more comprehensive insurance policy.

Deciding what type of insurance you need before you start looking for the cheapest level of cover is essential and will allow you to compare like with like insurance policies to make sure you get the best deal.

Check the excess

Just as with any individual gadget insurance policy, multiple gadget insurance cover will come with a standard excess that you'll have to pay should you need to make a claim.

Before you start looking for the cheapest gadget cover possible you should decide what level of excess you can easily afford to pay should you need to make a claim and exclude the polices that set the excess too high.

Compare quotes

Once you know exactly what you want from your multi gadget insurance policy, the final step is to start looking for the insurer that offers the cheapest suitable cover.

Our multiple gadget insurance comparison table lists the best insurance deals on offer in the UK, so you can compare multiple gadget insurance cover with ease and get quotes directly from insurance providers.

Then simply go with the insurer that offers you the most suitable cover for the cheapest price.

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