Whether it's to browse the internet, download a movie or simply hook up with friends on Facebook, a laptop is a valuable bit of kit that you may not want to part with when you go on your travels.

Unfortunately, because it is so portable, many insurers consider it to be a high risk possession and you may find it is excluded from many types of travel insurance policy.

However, despite this, it is possible to find travel insurance to cover a laptop; we take a look at the best way to go about this.

How can I get insurance for laptop when travelling?

Although insurers may not always cover it as standard, you may be able to get your laptop insured on your regular travel insurance.

To do this, you may need to specifically request the cover as an add on, but be aware because of the laptop travel insurance your policy may become rather more expensive. You'll also need to check the extent of the cover, the maximum payout (especially important if your laptop was a particularly costly model) and the excess that you'll need to pay to claim.

Another way to get travel insurance providing laptop protection is to extend your home contents insurance. Again, not all providers automatically cover laptops away from home so you may need to append your policy to make this an add on. Even if your home insurance does cover your laptop you need to check both where it will be covered (eg outside the UK) - and what risks its insured for (loss, theft and accidental damage for example). The downside to this is that any claim will affect your overall home contents insurance, and next year's premium could rise significantly. You may also find that the excess on your policy is prohibitive to you claiming.

A third option is to take out a cheap laptop insurance policy. These are now widely available; they are a type of gadget insurance policy specifically designed to provide worldwide laptop insurance.

This type of cover can either be combined with other devices on a multi gadget insurance policy, or taken out as a specific laptop insurance or macbook travel insurance policy.

Factors to consider for laptop insurance abroad

If you have laptop insurance travelling abroad can feel like less of a risk, but you may not be covered in every eventuality.

The extent of the cover can vary significantly between providers so it's important to carry out a laptop travel insurance comparison to run through the protection being offered and choose the one that's the best fit.

Not all types of insurance will cover loss or breakdown and some will only cover theft if there is clear evidence of forced entry into your hotel room or vehicle. Don't forget to also check the excess on the plan. Accidental damage is another feature to pay particular attention to because it's not offered by all providers.

In many cases, there is only a couple of pounds difference in the premiums so when you compare travel insurance laptop cover, don't be tempted to skimp on what you need just to save a bit of cash. You could end up hundreds out of pocket if the worst happens...

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