If you take your laptop out and about with you on a daily basis, getting cheap laptop insurance cover could give you peace of mind that you're financially protected should something go wrong.

Here's how to compare the best laptop insurance UK providers and choose the laptop insurance policy that gives you the best deal.

Do you need laptop insurance?

You may wonder whether you need a separate laptop insurance policy, especially if your laptop is already a listed item on your home insurance.

However, if you want your laptop to be protected outside your home then you may find that your contents insurance isn't up to scratch, or that if it does extend beyond your home that the excess you would be expect to pay is quite high.

You'll also need to consider the impact that making a claim for your laptop on your home insurance is likely to have on your annual premiums, and whether the cover you have in place already is really suitable.

Laptop insurance policies are designed specifically to protect laptops and macbooks so the cover is tailored to meet the laptop-related claims you're most likely to make.

They generally also set affordable excesses so making a claim as and when you need to won't be completely unaffordable.

Of course, if you have a number of other gadgets such as a digital camera or smartphone, you might find it more economical to insure laptops together with your other gadgets on a multi-gadget policy.

Decide on the level of cover you need?

As with any type of insurance there are varying degrees of laptop insurance available in the UK so before you start looking for laptop insurance compare the various features on offer and decide what you need for peace of mind.

The majority of basic laptop insurance policies will include theft and accidental damage protection, however if you want to cover against loss and breakdown of your laptop as well you may need to opt for a more comprehensive policy.

Equally if you need worldwide laptop insurance then you should check exactly which countries are included by the different laptop insurance providers and exclude the deals which don't give you the cover you need.

Look for a cheap quote

Once you've established what you need from your laptops insurance you can start to compare quotes from suitable companies and look for the policy that gives you the cover you need for the cheapest price.

You can compare the best laptop insurance UK deals using our laptops insurance comparison so you find cheap laptop insurance cover that gives you the financial protection you're looking for.

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