It's fair to say that the iPad has revolutionised gadgets worldwide and with a host of different tablet computers now on the market it's never been easier to access the web on the go.

However, carrying your iPad with you everywhere you go can be risky, and with even the cheapest iPad still costing several hundred pounds replacing a lost or damaged iPad would be a big unwanted expense.

Here's how to find the best insurance for iPad 2, iPad 3, Air, mini or retina, so you can take your iPad out and about with you safe in the knowledge you're financially protected should something happen to it.

Check your existing cover

Before looking for iPad insurance coverage from a standalone policy it makes sense to check to what extent your iPad is already covered by any existing insurance policies you have in place.

The most likely insurance that will cover your iPad is your home contents insurance. However, many home insurance policies will specifically exclude iPads and/or will only cover them while they're in the home, meaning you have little or no cover when you take your iPad out with you.

Additionally, even if your listed as a specified item, with cover throughout the UK, it makes sense to check exactly what this would include and the excess you would be expected to pay - which is often quite high.

Decide on the level of cover

After checking the details of any existing insurance policies you are likely to realise that if you want comprehensive cover for your iPad you're likely to need separate iPad cover.

But in order to find the best insurance for iPads tablets you will need to weigh up exactly what you are looking for in your iPad insurance policy.

For example if you want iPad insurance with loss you may need to pay a little more than a basic insurance policy that only covers theft and accidental damage.

Equally, if you take your iPad overseas on a regular basis opting for worldwide iPad insurance may be worth considering rather than cheaper UK based cover.

This applies equally when it comes to iPad Air insurance coverage too.

Compare quotes

Once you are confident that you have settled on the type of iPad insurance you need, the final step is to start looking for the cheapest suitable iPad insurance quote.

You can compare various UK iPad insurance providers and the insurance cover they offer using our Apple iPad insurance comparison table.

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