If you constantly take your camera out and about or are just worried that you couldn't afford to replace it should it break or be damaged, camera equipment insurance could be a good choice.

Do you need camera gadget insurance?

You may find that your camera equipment is already protected to a certain extent by your home contents insurance; however, if your need your camera to be covered beyond your front door you may need specialist insurance cover.

This is where camera gear insurance fills the gap left by most home insurance policies and protects your equipment throughout the UK.

If you regularly take your camera equipment out of your home or don't have a contents insurance policy, you're running the risk that you'll be faced with the cost of replacing your equipment if it breaks or gets lost or stolen. So it's quite possible that you could save money with a good camera insurance policy in case you ever need to claim.

Decide on the level of cover

As with most products on the financial market, there are several different levels of cover to choose from each offering varying levels of protection. The main aspects covered by most good camera insurance policies are camera theft insurance, accidental damage camera insurance and cover for camera theft.

Once you've decided that you need camera insurance search for the most suitable level of cover before you start looking for the cheapest price.

Most basic camera insurance policies will offer protection against theft and accidental damage, which may be all the protection you need for peace of mind, however if you would also like breakdown and loss protection you may need to opt for extended cover.

Weigh up exactly what you're looking for from your camera equipment insurance and exclude those policies that don't offer the cover you need, so you can undertake the best camera insurance comparison possible.

Compare prices

After deciding exactly what you want from your camera insurance you are free to start looking for the cheapest suitable cover.

You can compare camera insurance policies and prices using our camera gear insurance comparison table to find the best insurance for your camera for a low price.

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