It's no different for businesses either. Consumers expect - and demand - companies to be using up to the minute methods and this means making the most of gadgets.
Of course, technology comes at a price and laying out for all those pieces of equipment isn't cheap. So it's only natural to want to protect them in case of damage, loss or theft.
But knowing where to buy and what to look out for in gadget insurance for business isn't always easy, especially if this is your first time.
We run through everything from company phone insurance to business iPad insurance and highlight the facts you need to be aware of.

Get all your business gadget insurance on one policy

If you are looking to find cheap business laptop insurance but also have a company phone, you might well find that you would be better off covering both devices with the same insurer.
Many companies offer packaged quotes, such as business mobile and tablet insurance deals or business phone and laptop insurance.
The list of gadgets you could cover on one policy is pretty extensive and could also include PDAs, cameras and sat navs, all of which you may well rely on in your business.
If you drive around a lot you probably use your sat nav regularly but may never have considered insuring it. By adding in onto a self employed gadget insurance policy, you can be certain that all your business devices, large and small, are covered.

Check the gadget insurance extras & exclusions

When it comes to corporate insurance for gadgets, not all policies are created equal. It definitely pays dividends to do your homework in advance.
If you are looking to insure company mobile phones you may well have considered what might happen if you lost all your contacts. One nice little perk that some companies providing business phone insurance offer is a free back-up of your data when you take out a policy. That way, if your fears become a reality, you still have access to the valuable information your phone held.
Worldwide cover is another factor worth considering. If you regularly carry out business travel laptop insurance is absolutely vital, no matter how careful you are whilst you are away. It only takes the slightest lapse in attention or an accident to take place, and you could be looking at finding hundreds of pounds to replace it.
You may not take your laptop with you when you go away, instead preferring to rely on your iPad. Although smaller, they are arguably even more fragile so make sure that your business iPad insurance covers your travel too.
It's also worth looking closely at the fine print too as you might find there are exclusions on your cheap business gadget insurance that means you aren't getting such a great deal as you thought.
For example, does your business iPhone insurance specify the age of your device? Does your insurance for business computers stipulate how quickly you must claim?
Some companies who insure gadgets for small business use will only cover devices up to a certain age or may contain a clause which means you only have a very small window in which to submit a claim, typically 12 to 24 hours.

Compare providers to get the best deal

Whether you are looking for mobile phone, tablet or laptop insurance business use means that getting the best cover for the cheapest price is vital.
If you carry out a business gadget insurance comparison you will be able to check not only the different features but also look at the relative costs.
The prices can vary for different types of cover so a provider who is cheaper for mobile phone insurance, may not offer the most competitive quote for other types of business gadgets.

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