Young drivers are statistically more likely to be involved in accidents, meaning car insurance for under 25 year olds is often going to be more expensive than it is for older motorists.

However, many insurers see 25 as the cut-off point for still classifying drivers as young and/or inexperienced.

The closer you get to 25 years old, the more wiggle room you'll find to match the policy you want with a cheap quote.

This is particularly the case if you are willing to follow some simple steps and stick to a reasonably sized and powered car.

Here's how you can get the best car insurance deal in the years up to your 25th birthday.

Lowering the price of car insurance for under 25 year olds

The more qualified a driver you are, the more willing companies could be to offer discounted premiums. This is why it might be worth completing Pass Plus, a training course designed to help drivers enhance their driving skills. If you do get the qualification , you may see that insurance companies become more willing to give you a cheaper quote as you will be more experienced on the road.

The car you're driving could also have a bigger impact than you might think on how much insurance costs. You are more likely to be offered cheap car insurance for under 25 years of age if you have a vehicle with a smaller engine and no modifications, rather than a customised monster sporting a V12 engine.

On the other hand, even more important than gaining extra qualifications and owning a car companies are happy to cover is driving carefully.

Keeping a clean licence and avoiding picking up points can help you prove that you are a good driver and there's less risk in insuring you, meaning in time your premiums should fall - more so if you're named driver on your past insurance policies, rather than a parent; building up a no claims bonus can put a big dent in next year's price.

Our guide 8 cost cutting ideas for cheaper young drivers' car insurance can offer more tips on how to chip away at your insurance premiums.

Cheap car insurance for under 25 comparison

To find the best cheap car insurance for under 25 year olds, there are a number of things that you'll need to look at.

The type of policy

Standard car insurance comes in the form of comprehensive cover. This means most policy providers will cover you for a wide range of claims, like accidental damage to your vehicle and loss, theft or fire, as well as offering use of a courtesy car and covering belongings (to a certain amount; match your needs with the cover levels on offer).

While key aspects of insurers' policies are likely to be similar there can be differences in what's included, even for comprehensive cover. This is why it's crucial to compare cheap car insurance for under 25 year old motorists and check what's included, rather than assuming similarity.

Most companies will also offer a more basic third party, fire and theft (TPFT) deal. This should include the most important parts of the comprehensive policy, like damage you cause to another car, theft and fire damage, but could leave off medical expenses, courtesy car use, vandalism, accidental damage and more. As you're covered for fewer things, TPFT should cost less than standard cover.

Even though these are more basic than comprehensive car insurance, you'll still have a range of discounts and policy options to navigate. This includes finding the best no claims discount based on your past driving (if you've managed to build one up) and extras such as courtesy cars / windscreen cover.

Comprehensive and TPFT car insurance are most common, but some providers offer third party or multi car deals too. Third party is even more basic than TPFT, covering the essentials of car insurance, but this does at least mean it's likely to be cheaper still.

Multi car insurance means you can insure more than one car on the same policy, potentially saving money on having two separate deals. As more than one vehicle is included it's worth checking the T&Cs thoroughly to make sure each is suitably covered - but these policies should allow you to save some cash.

Additional excess

When comparing cheap car insurance UK under 25 deals you will need to pay close attention to additional excess amounts.

With the increased risk of younger drivers, insurers often stick additional excess on top of the standard excess. If you make a claim after an accident not only will you have to pay out the standard amount before your policy provider offers any - you'll have to pay extra as well.

This varies from company to company, so could well have a big say on how much you pay out in the event of an accident. You'll need to weigh up the affordability of each policy's premiums and the affordability of actually making a claim.

Black box specialty insurance

For new drivers and, particularly, younger motorists, black box or smart box policies offer you the potential to lower the cost of your cover by measuring how you drive.

Specifically, companies can look at where, when and how you use your motor, and this information forms the basis of your premiums, rather than simply your age and lack of experience.

If you follow the conditions laid out by your insurer - and drive safely - you can potentially cut down the amount you have to pay; particularly by limiting when you drive, i.e. not after 11pm, and how quickly you accelerate / hard you brake.

There is an element of risk involved, as if you are deemed unsafe then this type of cover could end up being more expensive than standard insurance.

However, if you do believe you're a safe driver and are looking for the cheapest car insurance for under 25 year olds then getting a black box may be the solution to cutting the cost of your insurance quote.

So, to get under 25 car insurance that doesn't break the bank, think about taking extra qualifications, getting a modest motor and what kind of policy and excess you want.