Many motor policies don't include European car insurance cover as standard. So, before you depart for your foreign trip, it's vital that you make sure you choose the right European cover car insurance.

Will my car insurance cover me in Europe?

All standard UK motor insurance policies should give you the minimum third party cover to drive in other European Union (EU) countries.

Check the small print of your policy or contact your insurer to find out what level of car insurance for European travel is included, or if your policy can be extended to fully comprehensive in Europe as an optional extra. If not, you may have to consider dedicated European car insurance cover.

What to look for when buying car insurance for European travel

If you're planning to drive on the continent, you'll need to find the right European car insurance cover. So, when you're researching policies, make sure you take the following factors into account:

  • What (if any) European cover is included as standard. Some policies include a limited number of foreign days use as part of the cover

  • What the maximum single trip duration is; insurers can offer over 90 days cover with some offering as much as 365 days. If you are taking your car abroad for a long period of time look for unlimited or annual Europe wide cover

  • Whether European breakdown cover is included. This ensures you have cover if you suffer a breakdown or accident when driving in Europe

  • Whether there are any restrictions on where you can take your car

  • Compare price and cover when buying continental car insurance

When searching for European cover car insurance it's important to look at both the costs and the benefits of the various continental car insurance policies on offer.

It's essential you compare not only the price of European cover but also the various benefits of the policies. Picking the cheapest policy might end up being false economy if its cover is limited and it doesn't pay out when you make a claim, or doesn't cover you long term if you need it to.

The best continental car insurance for you will provide protection against all the risks you need at a competitive price.