This is because under 25s fall into a 'high risk' category which predicts (based on previous drivers in this age group) they are more likely to make expensive claims on their insurance than any other age group.

In general, the annual premium for young car insurance will reduce each year you are insured to drive, especially if you begin to build up a no claims discount.

However, many young drivers car insurance policies will be expensive, especially for their first few years driving.

Here are several ways that the cost of young driver car insurance can be reduced, so you can find car insurance young drivers can afford:

Get extra experience

By completing Pass Plus, a novice driver will improve their skills with experience of motorway, city and reduced visibility driving.

Consequently drivers are considered to be at reduced risk of having an accident and could be eligible for a discount on their insurance premium.

If you're looking for the cheapest young driver car insurance policy, making sure you complete a Pass Plus assessment could make a big difference to the cost.

Levels of cover

There are three bands of cover available to drivers through most insurance providers.

The cheapest car insurance for young drivers is often 3rd party fire & theft, or simply 3rd party cover.

This type of car insurance for young people will provide you with only a basic level of insurance and so are usually cheaper than fully comprehensive insurance policies. Third party insurance will only cover other people's costs, should you make a claim.

Third party fire & theft adds minimum protection for your own car to this, but doesn't give you any cover for damage sustained in road traffic collisions.

If your car isn't worth very much, these types of policy can often be suitable for young drivers car insurance as the money tied up in your car itself (which they don't cover) isn't a large amount.

However, if your car is relatively high in value, a comprehensive insurance policy with its extra financial protection - which could prove invaluable should you need to claim - might prove to be the best car insurance for young drivers.

You can read more about these types of cover in our guide: Third Party, Third Party Fire & Theft and Fully Comprehensive Insurance.

Named drivers

By adding a parent or older sibling as an additional driver on a young drivers insurance, it may be possible to obtain a small discount in your premium, regardless of whether you're looking for car insurance for young female drivers or car insurance for young male drivers.

However, it is important to avoid having a parent as the first named driver on a car owned and used by a young driver as this is known as "fronting" and will invalidate an insurance policy if a claim is made.

If the vehicle is another family member's main car, it can be cheaper to add a young person as a named driver on their policy.

Bear in mind that this will usually prevent the young driver from building up their own no claims bonus, and they'll likely be faced with high premiums on their first solo insurance policy.

Type of car

The type of car chosen by a young driver will also impact the premium; cars with larger engines or modifications are much more expensive to insure than those with smaller engines which are more likely to be suitable for a novice driver.

Choosing a car that is cheap to insure is a must if you want cheap car insurance young drivers will be able to afford to pay for.

Additionally, one-off purchases such as immobilisers and car alarms can reduce your premium and should continue to do so throughout their lifespan.

Young persons car insurance

There are several insurers which specialise in providing insurance to young and novice drivers. By specialising in this area insurers can make certain concessions and tailor their policies in order to offer the best car insurance for young drivers.

While finding cheap young drivers car insurance can be a thankless task, by getting quotes with several insurers it should be possible to find a suitable level of cover at a reasonable price. It is vital to compare young driver car insurance to make sure you get the best car insurance for your circumstances.