However, changes to European law now mean this is no longer the case and because of this many will find that womens car insurance now costs more. This means it has never been more important to shop around for the best value cover.

Ways to save when you compare women's car insurance

There are a number of ways you can help to save yourself money when you are searching for cheap womens car insurance. These include:

  • Looking for a provider that offers a discount for buying your womens car insurance online

  • Finding a company that doesn't charge you extra for paying by monthly direct debit if you don't want to pay upfront

  • Making sure an insurer will accept your maximum no-claims bonus

  • Finding a provider that offers a 'new customer' discount

There were companies that specialised in cheap female car insurance but because of the changes to EU law they now need to price men's and women's car insurance policies equally.

Despite this it is often worth obtaining prices from these companies as they have experience of underwriting car insurance for women and a track record of providing car insurance quotes for women.

You may find they also offer options on your policy that are more female friendly (enhanced handbag cover for instance).

However, you shouldn't just restrict your search to those that market themselves as female only car insurance companies as other 'general' car insurance providers may be more competitive, particularly now gender-based pricing has been outlawed.

Finding car insurance quotes for women online

The easiest way to find cheap car insurance is to compare car insurance quotes online as it takes a matter of minutes.

So whether you're looking for third party cover or cheap car insurance for women under 25, you should be able to find cheap female car insurance with minimum hassle.

However, when you compare car insurance it's important that you look at both the cost and the quality of cover.

While price may be your overriding concern, making sure you're fully covered is also important. For example, does the womens car insurance policy include:

  • Windscreen cover?

  • A courtesy car?

  • Protected 'no claims' cover?

Remember to compare not only the price of cover but also the benefits of the best cheap female car insurance policies you find. So, as well as saving money on your insurance, make sure that all your possible risks are covered.