If you need urgent assistance on the road, whether you've burst a tyre or suffered engine failure, as a motorcyclist you're at greater risk.

Being stuck by a motionless motorcycle, exposed to the elements and with no alternative transportation can be a nightmare situation this is where motorcycle breakdown can help you.

What is motorcycle breakdown cover?

Whatever the emergency, if you are prevented from travelling due to any form of vehicle malfunction you can contact your bike breakdown cover provider, and they will send someone out to you.

If your bike can't be fixed at the roadside then you and your bike will be transported to the nearest garage.

How is it different to car breakdown cover?

The good news is that the level of breakdown cover for cars also applies to motorcycles, for example, recovery from home and national motorcycle recovery etc.

The only differences are within the size and weight of the motorcycle. Typically you cannot use motorcycle recover if your motorcycle exceeds the weight of 3.5 tonnes (3,500kg) and/or a maximum width of 7ft 6in (2.3m).

Why do you need motorbike breakdown cover?

Whether you are someone who enjoys long rides or small spins on your motorcycle, it is important to consider the dangers you could face on the road. If you feel you can deal with an unexpected situation when it arises then you may not feel the need to purchase motorcycle breakdown cover.

What would you do if one of the following affected your ride?

  • Engine breakdown

  • Burst tyre

  • Flat battery

  • Accident

  • Electrical failure

If you like to plan for the worst to ensure you and your motorcycle are protected in any event, motorcycle breakdown cover could be for you.

Different levels of cover:

Home start - If you need assistance from your home. Home start ensures that you have help needed before your journey begins.

Roadside - If you need cover anywhere in the UK. Roadside assistance provides you with an engineer wherever you breakdown in the UK, and if the issue cannot be resolved on the road, you and your motorcycle will be transported to a garage for repairs.

European motorcycle breakdown cover - If you plan to take your bike to Europe and may need assistance, you can often get motorcycle European breakdown cover.

What to look out for

Gone are the days when you needed to buy motorcycle breakdown insurance as a separate policy to car breakdown cover. It is common for breakdown cover providers to include the facility to cover motorcycles; however this is not always the case.

  • Breakdown cover with your current account - Don't assume that the cover on offer is right for you. Most breakdown cover that is provided within a packaged current account will exclude various vehicles such as motorcycles.

  • Additional vehicles covered - With standalone car breakdown policies, it is not only common to cover motorcycles but also quad bikes as well, so making sure you double check the cover you can have will be essential when establishing the correct cover for your motorcycle.

What are the costs?

There will always be a price involved, whether it's a monthly or annual fee for the breakdown cover, a call-out charge or excess, it's important that you find out before you take out your policy what the costs could be.

If you have existing breakdown cover for your car and are considering getting additional cover for your motorbike, please contact your provider first to see if cover can be provided.

If there is an additional price given, you are in a position to shop around and compare cheap motorbike breakdown cover to find the best deal and match your individual needs.