Finding cheap family breakdown cover is no harder than looking for standard breakdown cover.

The same rules apply to the levels of cover - like basic family breakdown cover roadside recovery covers the cost of repairs while you're mid-journey, and home start policies help start your car if it breaks down on the drive - but instead of covering just one driver or a single car, the policies can protect up to four drivers living at the same house who share a small pool of cars.

Many also include a free text or call to let someone know a driver has broken down and help is on the way, which gives peace of mind for families with teenagers out late.

Most breakdown services also offer a priority call out service to vulnerable drivers, like single women or mums travelling with children.

Family is a bit of a misnomer in the title, because most of these policies can include friends or partners as well as relatives.

However, family breakdown car cover does not extend to anyone living away from the family home, so a student can have cover while staying with mum and dad, but not when they are living elsewhere.

Some insurers cap their cover, so cars listed as a family breakdown cover vehicle may have a limit of five or six call-outs a year, so this is something worth checking.

When making a family breakdown cover comparison, check out the details of the cover - points to watch are how close to home roadside assistance starts; what happens to your car if a technician can't get it started while you are away from home, and how the insurer will help you get back to your house or continue your journey.

Once you have picked the packages that offer the cover you want, start comparing the prices.

The best family breakdown cover is not necessarily the cheapest, but the package that offers the cover you need at the most reasonable price.