Here we look at ways to help you find the best caravan breakdown cover.

What is caravan breakdown insurance?

If you need assistance on the road due to a vehicle malfunction or accident, caravan breakdown cover will offer you the help you need to get your caravan back on the road.

Not all companies offer caravan breakdown cover as a standalone policy; in those cases you will need to find a normal, car breakdown policy that will also stretch to cover towing a caravan.

There is sometimes an extra cost applied to a normal breakdown cover to give your caravan cover. This is due to the insurer needing to use specialist vehicles to manoeuvre both your car and caravan.

What to look out for?

When you are towing your caravan it is important to remember that your policy will become invalid if the weight in your caravan exceeds the weight of your car when empty.

This is a health and safety requirement. If your caravan weighs too much whilst being towed behind a car, it can lead you to lose control of your vehicle and cause harm to yourself and any other driver on the road.

What does it cover?

An engineer will be sent out to fix your vehicle if you breakdown. If the problem can't be resolved on the roadside then you will be towed to a garage of your choice within the surrounding area.

You can choose to cover a person or a vehicle with caravan breakdown cover, for more information on what level of cover to take out read our guide Types of Breakdown Membership.

You can choose from a selection of varying cover, for example:

Home start: Have the support you need from right outside your home.

Onward travel: An engineer will tow your broken down vehicles to the nearest garage as well as driving you to your chosen destination.

European Cover: If you plan on towing your caravan abroad you will need European caravan breakdown cover to support you anywhere in the EU.

Compare prices

Once you have decided what level of caravan breakdown cover you need you can search online to compare several providers that match what you are looking for.

When you find the cover you need you can compare prices to find the best deal for caravan breakdown insurance.