If you want to travel Europe on bicycle then you need the reassurance that you are financially covered if anything goes wrong.

Getting tailored, cheap bicycle travel insurance means you don't have to meet any costs that arise on your own.

You will need to know exactly how you want to use your bike while abroad, so you only pay for cover that you need. This means deciding on the type of activities you will do, where you will go, how long you'll be overseas, and the total amount of cover you need.

A bike tour insurance comparison can show you the best quotes from the right policies side by side - here's what you need to compare.


As with standard travel insurance, certain activities such as mountain-biking are often deemed to be a greater risk than road cycling. If you plan to cycle off road, it can pay to search for specialist mountain bike travel insurance that can offer discounts for this type of holiday.

If you intend to go cycle touring then you may be able to get discounts through CTC membership or with other societies.

Cover abroad

Bicycle travel insurance will usually offer a set number of days' cover overseas per year, either as a single total or per trip.

Before you compare cycling holiday insurance quotes make sure each policy includes the total number and duration of trips that suits your needs, and exclude those that don't.

If you travel abroad for mountain bike competitions, for example, touring bicycle insurance that covers short but regular trips might be best for you.

Cycle touring can often mean spending a long period of time abroad, so you need to make sure your push bike travel insurance provides enough days of consecutive cover for your trip.

Country restrictions

You need to make sure that any policy you consider offers cover in the countries you intend to travel to.

If it doesn't, check whether you can add countries to the policy and what this might cost, or exclude the policy from your comparison to ensure you're fully protected.

European bike travel insurance is usually the standard with cycling travel insurance quotes, with costs generally rising the further you travel from the UK.

Cover level

Choosing the correct level of cover for your needs is vital. You need to consider all aspects of bicycle insurance so you can prioritize accordingly. Take into account:

  • Personal accident cover, including healthcare costs if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, plus the cost of repairing or replacing your bicycle

  • Accommodation costs if you are stranded abroad

  • Theft, vandalism and accidental damage. Make sure you are covered up to the full value of your bike so that you don't lose out

  • Third party cover, so you're financially protected if you injure someone or damage their property

  • Terms and conditions, such as any healthcare conditions that might make you ineligible for cover

You may be able to get a discount on your premium by opting for a high voluntary excess. However, be aware that you will need to pay this amount in full if you then make a claim, so don't opt for an excess you can't afford.

If you prioritise policies that offer the right level of cover for your needs before you compare cycling holiday insurance quotes, you should be able to find the cheapest bicycle travel insurance without missing out on protection.

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