The risk of theft is common to all bicycles no matter how expensive, in fact there is a bike stolen about every 65 seconds in the UK.

It makes sense to protect your bike with a pedal cycle theft insurance policy that will remove the financial worry of finding your bike gone the next time you need it.

To make sure you get the best insurance quote and the right cover you need to be able to specify exactly what you need from your bicycle insurance policy, so make sure you take into account the following:

Your bike's value

Expensive bikes are inevitably greater theft risks and while you can reduce this risk by riding a cheaper bike to the shops or work, you need to ensure your bike is insured to its full value, just in case.

Check that any policy you consider offers sufficient cover to provide you with a replacement of the same make and model should the worst happen.


Your location plays a large part in determining the risk of theft to your bicycle and consequently your insurance premium. Urban or built up areas tend to attract higher premiums, as well as particular postcodes that have higher crime rates.

However, there are a range of measures you can take to improve your bike's security and reduce your road bike insurance premiums.

Using insurer approved locks is vital, as in most cases failure to lock your bike up can invalidate your policy. Find out from providers exactly which locks are approved when you get a quote, and use one!

Also look into getting your bike electronically tagged, which the police sometimes offer for free. This increases the chance of recovering your bike if it does get stolen so should lower your premium.

Bike storage

Storing your bike somewhere secure when you're not riding it is essential. You might be able to get discounts for storing your bike in a secure garden shed or garage, or just by keeping it indoors.

You should also find somewhere safe to store it while at work (preferably in a lock up) if you use your bicycle to commute as declaring and sticking to this may attract cheap bike theft insurance quotes.

Vandalism cover

Vandalism is linked to theft, so looking for a policy that incorporates this extra protection is worth doing as it would pay for the cost of repairing your bike or replacing parts if it is damaged by vandals.

Make sure that the full replacement value of your bike is covered for damage due to vandalism so you don't get caught short.

Alternatively, check whether you can set independent figures for theft and vandalism so your cover is protected if you have to claim on either one.

Terms and conditions

One thing worth noting is that if you don't make your bicycle safer from theft by using the above measures, you should be prepared to pay higher push bike theft insurance premiums or even invalidate your policy.

Consequently you need to check the terms and conditions of any policy you take out and make sure you adhere to them so you'll be covered if something does happen to your bike.

How do I choose?

Bicycle insurers limit the amount they'll pay out if your bike is stolen and not recovered. For this reason you need to compare bicycle theft insurance quotes to check that the cover provided is enough to replace your bicycle with one of an identical make and model if necessary.

It's also important to consider other aspects of the cover available when you carry out our best bicycle insurance comparison, for instance whether third party cover is included and if you'll be covered for personal accident.

Never base your decision on price alone. Whether you're looking for mountain bike theft insurance or theft insurance for road bicycles you should compare your options to find the bicycle insurers that offer suitable policies.

Once you've done this you should look at the policy details, get quotes, then opt for the policy that offers the most suitable cover for less.

Some insurers specialise in mountain bike theft insurance so check if there are any discounts to be had there, the same applies with multi bike policies, or cycling memberships.

Using our bicycle theft insurance comparison table you can compare your options so you find the cheapest bicycle theft insurance quotes.

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