It depends on what level of cover you have, but most car warranties include repairs to your:

  • Engine and suspension

  • Clutch and brakes

  • Transmission system

  • Fuel and ignition system

  • Air conditioning

  • Electrics

  • Gearbox

  • Steering

Check the claims limit, as this is the most an insurer will pay if you make a claim. Use the calculator on the Click Mechanic website to estimate how much repairs to your car could cost.

Lots of policies also include extra features, like breakdown recovery or hire car cover while yours is being repaired. Use this comparison to find the right cover options for you.

What is not covered?

All car warranties list parts that are not covered, but they vary depending on your policy. The main exclusions that apply to most warranties are:

  • Batteries, wheels, tyres, exhausts, catalytic converters, worn out clutches and brakes

  • Damage caused by oil leaks

  • Cars used for competitions, commercial deliveries or as taxis

  • Damage caused by frost, blockages, contamination or sludge

  • Poor workmanship or faulty components

Use this comparison to get quotes, and then check the policy documents for a full list of what is excluded. You should also check if policies limit a maximum hourly rate for labour costs, as this could affect how much you can claim.

Do you need a warranty?

A warranty could save you money if it covers the cost of repairing your car. However, it could be a waste of money if the part you need fixing is not covered.

There is no way to guarantee that a warranty will pay out when you need it to, but it could give you peace of mind if you own a car that is prone to breaking down.

You can check how likely your car is to break down on the Reliability Index website.

Car warranty FAQs


Do I need a full service history to get a car warranty?


Yes, your car will need to meet the service requirements set out in your warranty. You will also need to provide proof of MOT if you claim.


Will modifications to my car affect my warranty?


Most warranty insurers do not cover cars with modifications. Check your policy documents for full details of what can be covered.


Can I get my car repaired at any garage?


No, most warranties only cover repairs at authorised garages. Here is more information about what to do if you need to claim.


Do I have to pay an excess if I claim?


Yes, most warranties have an excess of around 50. You may need to pay your excess to your garage, if your insurer pays your claim straight to them.


Can I claim for wear and tear?


Some policies include wear and tear, but this may not cover things like wheels or brakes. Check the cover options in the policy documents for details.


Will I be covered for roadside assistance if my car breaks down?


Yes, if breakdown recovery is included in your warranty cover.


Can I claim on my warranty if I have a car accident?


No, your warranty will only cover parts that break down. If you have a car accident, you will need to report this to your car insurance company.

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