The rates at which foreign currency deals convert Thai baht to pounds can have a big impact on your spending power while travelling, even if your GBP cash budget doesn't change.

To get the top Thai baht conversion rates you should decide on that budget first and foremost, and then compare Thai baht travel money packages to find the best value for money.

Your budget should cover the amount of cash in £pounds sterling that you plan to spend during your trip and any emergency funds that you might need.

Once you've set a budget, you'll then need to consider:

Pound to baht exchange rate

The exchange rate states how many Thai bahts to the pound you can get for your holiday cash budget - so getting the best rate will mean you get more money in your pocket.

Some travel money providers only offer their top rates to larger currency orders, so exclude those companies where your budget would miss out on getting their top rates.

You should also exclude any companies whose minimum/maximum orders mean they cannot exchange your budget at this point. Search our comparison tables to compare the minimum/maximum orders or better exchange rates at a glance.

Add-ons and extras?

Once you've found the packages that fit your budget and offer the best exchange rates, compare each package based on their service and any additional charges.

For example, if you need your Thailand currency by tomorrow, you'll need to exclude any packages that can't guarantee next day delivery.

With each travel money package, check whether your currency exchange will qualify for free delivery, or if any extra charges are levied for that service.

You also need to decide whether you want a guaranteed buy back clause, which would let you sell back to the provider for the same rate that you bought at. This could be useful if you think you may have a substantial amount of Thai baht leftover when you return to the UK.

Again, you'll need to check whether a charge will be added for a guaranteed buy back feature. If there is, you'll need to include those charges alongside the deal's exchange rate when you compare it against other deals.

Remember, particularly on smaller exchanges, extra charges can quickly undermine slightly better Thai currency exchange rates. If you consider every feature against your budget, you can ensure you get the best number of Thai baht in UK pounds for your holiday cash.