Getting the best Canadian dollar conversion on your travel money means you'll be able to convert pounds to Canadian dollars at the top exchange rates, boosting your spending power overseas.

However, you'll need to consider the service features on offer as well as the exchange rates to get the best deal for your holiday budget (in £pounds sterling).

Your budget should cover spending money while you're away, plus any emergency funds you might need and should be used to find the best deals for the amount of money you are looking to exchange.

Find the best rate for Canadian dollars that's available to your budget, and then compare the travel money packages to see if it's still the best value after any extra fees and charges have been added:

Canadian dollars to sterling exchange rates

The Canadian dollars to GBP exchange rate tells you how many dollars to the pound you can get for your cash - so getting the top rates will mean more Canadian currency in your pocket.

You can compare the exchange rate Canadian dollars to pounds at a glance on our travel money comparison tables; plus look for any minimum orders needed to qualify for those headline rates.

Next, exclude companies whose minimum order requirements mean your travel money budget won't be eligible for their best exchange rates, so you don't get caught out further down the line.

Add-ons and extras

Once you've found the UK forex providers offering the best rates for your budget, compare each provider based on their service features and any extra applicable charges.

If you have a large order, you'll need to check their maximum order limits to make sure they can exchange your full GBP holiday budget; plus, decide if you need guaranteed next day delivery and whether you'll qualify for free delivery or if you will be charged.

Finally, decide if you want a guaranteed buy back clause which would let you convert Canadian dollars to pounds at the same exchange rate.

Some providers don't offer this at all, others offer it free above certain minimum order limits, and others still charge for the service.

Remember to weigh up any extra charges levied for delivery and/or buy back guarantees alongside those packages' exchange rates, as these additional costs can quickly undermine slightly better rates.

Don't forget, if you compare the exchange rates and features based on your original cash budget you'll be able to find a Canadian currency deal that offers the best value for money and gives you more holiday cash for your trip.