If you want a credit card that gives you something back and feel confident that you will be able to clear your balance in full each time you get a statement, then getting one of the top cashback credit cards could be a good idea.

Credit cards with cashback reward you for using the card to pay for anything from day to day shopping to booking a holiday or buying a car. Rather wonderfully they do this by paying you a percentage of your total spend back in cold hard cash.

This means that as long as you pay off the outstanding balance each month you can actually be paid for using cashback credit cards.

The amount you can earn from credit card cashback can vary significantly, meaning you need to look at a selection of cashback credit cards compare their features and rates and check you meet the application criteria to find the best cashback credit cards for you.

Of course, the best cashback credit card for you may also depend on how you plan to use it.

If you are looking to make a large purchase, or a series of transactions in a short space of time (such as shopping for Christmas gifts or planning a wedding) then high introductory cashback credit card offers could be the best choice.

These cards will offer an elevated rate of cashback for a number of months providing you spend a certain amount. After the introductory period ends the rate of cashback paid is likely to be significantly reduced.

Alternatively if you plan to use the card to get money back on day to day spending on an ongoing basis then the standard cashback rate will be more important than short term bonuses so that you're able to earn the most cash possible.

However, it's really important to bear in mind that if you hold an outstanding balance on your cashback credit card then the interest you'll be charged each month is likely to outweigh the cashback you'll have earn even on the very best cashback credit cards.

This means that if you're unlikely to pay off the balance of your cash back credit card each month then you may be better looking for card with 0% purchases to avoid hefty interest charges.

Traditionally cashback American Express cards have been the most common, however you can now also get cashback Visa or MasterCard as well, meaning you can earn cashback almost anywhere worldwide.

You can compare cashback credit cards side by side using our cash back credit cards comparison table.