Is your car an old, new or classic car?

When it comes to breakdown cover, there are only really three types of car - a new car, an old car, or a classic car.

A new car is less than 9 years old, an old car between 10-20 years old, while and a classic car is one that was made as much as 20+ years ago.

What breakdown cover options are there for an older car?

If you are driving an older car you will need to look for Vehicle-based breakdown cover, this means that just the car you drive is covered in case of a breakdown and not any other car.

For example; if you drive a friend's car somewhere then you will not be covered if you chose Vehicle-based cover which only counts towards your car.

The alternative to vehicle based cover is "Personal based cover" which covers you personally, rather than the car you drive - unfortunately it is extremely hard to get Personal based cover for an older car.

Most recovery businesses will not have this as an option if you drive a car that is older than 10 years so the Vehicle Based option will probably be your only choice.

What type of breakdown cover do you need?

As well as all the main breakdown services, there are a few extras that can be provided should you need them, including Home start cover, European cover and Onward Travel cover.

Home start is when your car breaks down at your own house and you need someone to come and fix it or if they cannot do this then they will take it to a nearby garage.

European cover is the service that you may need if you are travelling abroad. European breakdown cover for older cars will make sure that you are covered in every way possible and give you peace of mind whilst driving your car on holiday.

Onward Travel cover is the service you want if you are going to a wedding, a funeral or some other important event and your car breaks down before you get there. A man will arrive at your location and make sure you still get to where you need to be .

If you own a classic car, can you still get breakdown cover?

A Classic car is very different from an old car.

Classic cars tend to be at least 20 years old and you may think that because of its rarity or value that classic car breakdown cover costs would be allot more expensive than a newly built model but that is not always the case.

If you owned a James Bond style classic Aston Martin in pristine condition with no scratches then you wouldn't want to drive it full speed down the M5!

Most classic car owners only get their cars out of the garage on special occasions, to go to a car show or just a nice drive in the summer and take very good care of them.

This means that you only drive the car very little and do not need a large expensive breakdown cover because you drive it so rarely that you don't have time to breakdown before it goes safety in the garage for another year.

The best type of breakdown cover for a classic car like this would most likely be one of two types of cover:

  • Roadside Cover- This is the most basic type of cover and involves a mechanic driving to your location and attempting to repair your car. If they cannot fix your car then they will tow your car to the nearest garage, within about 10-15 miles.

  • National Cover- With this type of cover, if you break down, a mechanic or recovery worker will arrive at your location and take you anywhere you want within the UK. This would be most useful if you like driving too far away car shows.

Where should you go for a good price breakdown policy?

Once you have found out what type of cover that you think is the one for you, shop around to find the best prices and the best deals so that you can get the most of your chosen breakdown cover.

If you shop around you will find cheap breakdown cover for older cars, remember not to just look at one website as there might be some sites that offer cheaper and more worthwhile cover.