Getting the top New Zealand dollars to pound rates can significantly boost your spending power overseas, but only if you avoid expensive charges elsewhere on your currency order.
To find the best deal, set your budget in £pounds sterling,- including all spending money while you're abroad with enough extra to give you sufficient emergency funds.
Once set, compare the New Zealand dollar exchange rate on offer and any fees that would limit how much of your budget you would be able to convert:

Exchange rate British pounds - New Zealand dollars

Check if your currency order is large enough to qualify for each provider's best pounds to New Zealand dollars exchange rate, as their headline rates usually offer a substantially better deal and may only be reserved for larger orders.
Next, check that your budget fits within any maximum order limits to make sure each company will be able to process your order in full.
Then compare the providers' rates to find the best New Zealand dollar conversion for your holiday money.


Getting your New Zealand dollars delivered quickly and cheaply is essential so you will need to compare the delivery service offered as part of each travel money package.
If you need your New Zealand currency quickly, consider excluding deals that can't offer guaranteed next day delivery.
Check if there's a minimum order required for free delivery, and if your budget will be eligible. If it isn't, compare delivery charges and bear in mind that those charges will reduce your overall budget to exchange.

Buy back guarantees

Buy back guarantees can be very useful if you expect you'll have to change back a significant amount of New Zealand dollars to sterling pounds, at the end of your trip.
For your leftover currency, buy back guarantees let you convert New Zealand dollars to UK pounds at the same exchange rate you originally used to buy the currency - offering significant potential savings.
However, some providers don't offer a New Zealand dollar to pound buy back guarantee, so you'll need to decide whether it's a priority for you.
Remember, if you want a buy back guarantee you'll need to take into account any extra charges when you compare the overall costs with each provider.
Once you've found the best New Zealand dollar exchange rate available to your currency order, compare the service offered and any additional costs to find the best deal - and remember to check that any extra charges don't undermine its rates.