Underpinning is a way of resolving any structural issues which have arisen and strengthening the property to make sure it remains habitable and safe.

Unsurprisingly, insuring a house that has been underpinned is not quite as simple as taking out cover for a property which has never had problems. Some insurers will not consider a previously underpinned house regardless of its current status.

However, it is possible to find underpinned house insurance although you will have to look more carefully than for a more conventional property.

Should you bother with insurance for your underpinned house?

Because finding house insurance for underpinned properties is a little bit more challenging, you might consider forgoing over completely. But you need cover for both your building and your contents just like any other homeowner so you shouldn't feel that you have no option but to leave yourself exposed to risk.

It is easy to get disheartened trying to find insurers to offer an underpinning house insurance policy but there is an easier way. By only comparing quotes from specialist insurers that offer dedicated underpinned home insurance, you might find the process is much easier and quicker than you previous thought.

If your house has had problems in the past, even if they were corrected, you will undoubtedly be viewed as a higher risk. Therefore if you are looking for underpinned house insurance cost will be a significant factor but rather than going for the cheapest option go for value for money instead.

Compare the different insurers who offer this type of cover, including not just price but also key features. Although cheap buildings & contents insurance might be high on your wish list, you still want to make sure you are getting the type of protection you need.

Find the best insurance for underpinned properties

If your house has never suffered with subsidence nor been underpinned to the best of your knowledge, you may think you property is not at risk.

However, this type of problem tends to occur in batches, so if many of the nearby houses have had problems, you should look very carefully at the history of yours and make sure you have the right cover in place just in case the worst happens.

Make sure you have building insurance underpinned house or not; it's far better to be safe than sorry and with the right kind of protection, if subsidence does occur, it could be a problem which isn't as difficult as you thought to get fixed.

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