The likelihood is that the last thing you think about before leaving is who looks after your home whilst you are away? Here we look at what you need to consider when looking for short term unoccupied house insurance to eliminate any worry.

Do you need unoccupied home insurance?

If you go abroad often and require your home to be insured in your prolonged absence then the answer is yes.

Whilst your property may suffer from the occasional glass of wine spilt on the carpet in your presence, the dangers of external threats can grow in your absence.

When you are away your property is more susceptible to burglary, vandalism and property issues such as a burst pipe or water leak, which would go unnoticed while you are away which could cause greater damage to your property.

Do you get short term unoccupied home insurance as standard?

Most standard home insurance policies will provide some cover, but the length of time you can leave your home unoccupied can vary. Typically your standard home insurance policy may provide cover for up to 30 days or less.

If you are planning a lengthier trip you will need to consider your home insurance options and make sure you are protecting your biggest asset whilst enjoying your time away.

There are a number of home insurance policies which support short term unoccupied terms, usually ranging between 30 and 60 days.

What are the restrictions on short term unoccupied home insurance?

If you do plan on leaving your home unoccupied some insurers will ask you to arrange for a friend or neighbour to visit your property to maintain your properties security in your absence.

Each insurer will have different rules. You will find all details regarding unoccupancy inside your policy. Remember that your insurer will always be willing to answer any queries you have so please remember to contact them for guidelines specific to your policy.

Insurers may reduce or exclude some cover if you leave your home unoccupied for a set period, for example your policy won't cover vandalism if your home is unoccupied for over 30 days.

Can you do without short term unoccupied home insurance?

You may be tempted to continue with your standard policy and simply neglect to tell your insurer that you plan to vacate your property for a prolonged period of time. Don't risk it. Withholding these facts from your insurer may invalid your policy completely and leave you to foot the bill if something goes wrong.

When it comes to insurance of all varieties, the thought of "what if" could not be emphasised enough. What if your house was burgled while you were away on your dream holiday? What if you forgot to tell your insurer you were going away for longer than your policy allows?

You will need to contact your insurer to inform them that you will be away from your home, they will be able to offer further assistance if required.

If your policy isn't going to offer the right level of cover for your trip, please ask for a quote to upgrade your cover to the level you require.

You can use this quoted price to shop around and compare the cost of taking out a new insurance policy.

When it comes to cancelling and replacing a home insurance policy, many providers allow you to cancel mid-term without penalty, which gives you the freedom to shop around to find the best deals to match your needs.

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