You might not be too bothered about your age, but insurers will be! If you're older you are statistically less likely to make a claim, while younger, riskier drivers face the brunt of hefty policy prices.

However, just because figures suggest you're probably going to find cheaper deals for over 60 car insurance, it doesn't mean you should just take any old offer.

The cost of cover can still vary significantly and there are some great bargains to be found if you're willing to shop around, here's how to get the best over 60 car insurance deals.

Compare car insurance for 60 year olds

When sorting through cheap car insurance for 60 year olds remember that it's not just about the price, it's about the level of cover you get with your policy.

What's included as standard?

Some companies may charge more for car insurance over 60 deals, but provide more comprehensive services like no claim discounts, guaranteed repairs and emergency helplines, which don't come included in every insurer's standard policy.

While a cheaper price is always appealing, you could be missing out of some important features such as uninsured driver cover (for if you're hit by someone without insurance) and the chance to get a multi-car discount for your family if you search for cover by price alone.

This is why it's worth checking what each insurer is offering and thinking about what you need in your cover, not just how much it costs.

Age limits and specialist insurers

During your search for car insurance for over 60 year olds, you'll need to bear in mind that some companies will have a maximum age limit in place, which could be as low as 65.

However other providers specifically offer insurance for drivers over a certain age and have no age restrictions in place, so there should always be an alternative that provides more suitable cover for older drivers.

Cheaper online offers

Using our over 60 car insurance comparison, you will find that certain insurers will offer discounts if you buy the policy online.

This isn't offered by every company though, so the policy you choose should be based on what suits your needs more rather than what's cheapest.

How you can reduce the price of over 60 car insurance

With car insurance being a legal requirement, it's an expense every driver has to deal with.

Thankfully there are simple things you can do to slash the amount of money you have to pay.

If you use an insurer-approved alarm or security system, own a car that's deemed to be a low insurance risk or even park it in a garage or driveway rather than on the road, you could cut the cost of insurance.

Furthermore, you can save more money on the cost of your cover by offering to pay a greater excess in the event of a claim or even take extra tests to show you are a safer driver.

However, the easiest way to cut the cost of car insurance for over 60s is to make sure you're only paying for cover you need. If you drive fewer miles each year than you used to, don't use your car for commuting anymore and always park it on your drive or in the garage then make sure you let your insurer know

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