The insurance needs of classic car owners differ greatly from those who require regular insurance. For this reason, several insurance companies specialise in providing tailored insurance for classic cars.

These providers assess the cover a classic car needs - and their premiums based on this - using several key indicators:

Agreed valuation

The majority of classic car insurance quotes will be based on an agreed value of the car - this is the maximum amount the insurer will pay out if the car is damaged beyond repair, or stolen.

When choosing an insurance policy check that your valuation is guaranteed by the insurance company.

How you use your classic car

Whether your car is used for social and domestic driving or kept in storage will inevitably affect your classic car insurance quote.

The more you use the car, the more you should expect to pay, but you can get specialist cover for events like classic car rallies and trials.

Cars kept in storage are also considered to be more secure, so may attract discounts. You can get these discounts even if you use your classic car regularly if you park in a garage, have off road parking, or fit alarms and immobilisers, etc.

Mileage cap

Most classic car insurers will require that the car has an annual mileage of less than 7500 miles and many will offer discounts on the insurance premium if a lower maximum mileage is agreed.

Additionally, discounts may be given for membership to a classic car club or association (check with insurer).

How to get cheap classic car insurance quotes

Unfortunately classic car insurance policies incur high costs from all areas: they are high value, expensive to repair, and they are desirable - so more likely to be stolen - with all of these factors reflected in higher insurance premiums.

By comparing quotes from several classic car insurers, you should be able to find a comprehensive level of cover for your cars, whether you require cover for laid up or in use classic cars, or whatever your personal circumstances.

If you are a young driver that drives or has access to a classic car, for example, you can end up paying a considerable amount. Classic car insurance for under 25 s is likely to be expensive, but you can mitigate this somewhat by doing thorough research into the various discounts and concessions on offer.

Getting more than one classic car insurance online quote really makes a difference, and will help you get the cheapest classic car insurance that still gives you the cover you require.