In order to find the best breakdown repair cover for vans the first thing you should do is assess how your van(s) are used day in, day out. Then, you can use a breakdown cover comparison to prioritise the features offered.

To establish exactly how you use your vans and what you'll need to cover, consider:

What level of breakdown cover do you need?

UK providers tend to offer different grades of breakdown cover, from basic roadside assistance to vehicle recovery, home start and onward travel (the most comprehensive).

Choose whether you need cover per person or per vehicle, and make sure you check what is already covered in your van insurance and any warranties so you don't duplicate a service you already have.

European van breakdown cover

Van breakdown cover for Europe can be vital if your business activities take you abroad, or simply if you head there on holiday. The cost of repair, onward transport and even accommodation can be much higher so if you intend to drive throughout the EU this protection could prove vital.

Breakdown cover for commercial vans

If your van is solely for private use then you can skip this step; however if you're looking for commercial van breakdown recovery there are a number of extra things to consider.

Whether you need small business van breakdown cover or cover on a much larger scale, most providers let you tailor their policy to your needs. For example, check providers' breakdown cover for vans carrying goods; will they compensate loss of income caused by a breakdown? You should compare the services offered and choose a suitable level of cover.

Finally, consider what you can do to lower your premiums. Check which providers offer the best multi van breakdown cover and discounts (if applicable), or online discounts. Once you've found which providers meet your needs, compare quotes from each to make sure that you get both the right cover and the best possible price.