Most breakdown cover providers now offer joint breakdown cover. This covers two people on a single policy, rather than taking out separate cover for each car or individual breakdown cover for each person.

Joint driver breakdown cover is often the cheapest roadside recovery option for couples as it gives you the flexibility to drive more than one car while offering a discount compared to the cost of purchasing two single policies.

While it can be tempting to simply go for the cheapest joint breakdown cover policy you can find, it's essential that you take the time to compare your options and check that the policy you choose gives you the protection you need.

The level of cover provided by joint driver breakdown cover deals varies considerably.

Some offer basic roadside assistance that covers the cost of repairs up to a certain amount if you breakdown while you're on the road. More comprehensive couple breakdown cover policies will provide you onward travel, home start assistance and even cover in Europe.

Needless to say the price will inflate with each additional cover option you add to your policy so it's important to think about the aspects of cover you'd find useful and then choose the cheapest joint breakdown insurance policy that offers this.

One point to bear in mind, however, is that joint breakdown cover may not suit everyone.

To be able to take out joint breakdown cover you and your partner must be living under the same roof - even if you're married but live at different addresses you won't be eligible for joint breakdown cover.

Similarly, if you share a car then vehicle-based cover may be an alternative that gives you the reassurance you need for less.

If you're already covered by a top 10 breakdown cover company, you may be able to add your partner to your existing policy and convert it to a joint policy.

Alternatively, you can use our joint breakdown cover comparison tables above to check out features and benefits offered by different policies and compare joint breakdown cover options - but remember to compare breakdown cover for cars as well as individual cover to make sure you get the best deal.