To get the most from your travel money, you'll need to look for the forex providers that convert Australian dollars to pounds at the best rate for your budget, rather than simply the best advertised exchange rate on the market.

Before you start you should set a budget in £pounds sterling that's high enough to cover your cash expenditure while you're away and give you enough cash for emergencies should they arise.

Then compare exchange rates, features and any fees/charges to find how many Australian dollars to the pound each provider can offer:

GBP to Australian dollar exchange rate

The exchange rates at which providers convert pounds to Australian dollars will have a big impact on your spending power down under. Compare the exchange rates available for your budget to find the leading forex providers.

Remember, some providers only offer their top Australia dollar to sterling rates to higher currency orders, and finding the top Australian dollar conversion rates is immaterial if your budget won't qualify for those rates.

Minimum/maximum orders

Once you've found a selection of providers offering attractive exchange rates, check to see if your currency order exceeds any minimum or maximum order limits, and exclude those who can't process your exchange.

Delivery and charges

If you need your travel money order quickly, you should exclude any providers who can't offer 24 hour or next day delivery from your comparison.

Also check if your budget fits in with any minimum orders needed to qualify for free delivery, or their applicable fees and charges.

If delivery charges would be added to your travel money order, you'll need to consider them alongside that provider's rates to compare the total cost of your currency exchange.

Buy back guarantees

Buy back guarantees let you sell your leftover currency at the same Australian dollars to English pounds rate as you ordered it, so you don't lose out on any holiday cash that isn't spent.

This can be particularly useful if you expect to have a significant amount of Australian currency left over at the end of your trip. However, not all providers offer an AUS dollars to pounds buy back guarantee, and you'll need to compare the charges levied for it by those that do.

Just as for delivery costs, any fees charged for a buy back guarantee can undermine the value of your currency order even if it offers slightly better exchange rates. This means you always need to consider packages as a whole, rather than their GBP to Australian dollar rates only.

Finally, compare the exchange rates available, the service offered and any extra charges together as a package to find the best value travel money service for your holiday budget.