The days of traveller's cheques, foreign exchange and credit cards could be numbered as increasing numbers of people choose a prepaid card to help them manage their cash whilst overseas.

So, why are prepaid travel money cards the perfect companion for your holiday? And how do you find the best prepaid travel card?

Benefits of a travel prepaid card

There are lots of benefits to prepaid travel cards. These include:


Taking a large quantity of foreign currency or traveller's cheques abroad can be risky. Not all campsites or hotels offer secure storage for valuables and many foreign destinations are havens for thieves and pickpockets.

When you use pre paid travel cards you can withdraw small sums of foreign currency as you need them. And, you can block your card if it is stolen while you are overseas.

Exchange rate

When you are abroad it is often the case that the exchange rate you will benefit from is very poor, hotels in particular tend to offer notoriously low exchange rates.

By using prepaid travel money cards, however, you will generally benefit from a competitive exchange rate on your travel cash.

Keeping control

It is easy to overspend on holiday as the cost of car hire, hotels, meals and day trips all mount up. A travel prepaid card lets you keep control over your spending as you can never spend more than you have loaded onto the card.

How to find the best prepaid travel card

With dozens of pre paid travel cards available in the market it can be tricky to find the right one for you. So, it's important that you shop around and compare the various prepaid travel cards on offer.

This is especially important as you could be saddled with signficiant charges if you're not careful about which card you apply for.

For this reason comparing your options and researching the fees and charges that apply to the various travel prepaid card deals is essential.

Try to find the card with the lowest fees that offers the specific features and benefits you need and allows you to spend in the currency of your choice.

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