Whatever reason you have for needing to send money to Sri Lanka from the UK, you'll want to get a good deal. Luckily there are a number of ways to make rapid transfers abroad - without needing to pay out a fortune in exchange fees!

1. Turn to specialist brokers

There are many benefits that come with choosing to transfer money with help from a dedicated foreign exchange company.

They tend to provide the best exchange rates available and offer the most up to date rates, meaning that if you do use one to make a money transfer to Sri Lanka, you can be confident that you're getting a deal which reflects the market as it is now.

Do brokers charge fees?
If you compare money transfers to Sri Lanka you'll find that a lot of the time no, these companies won't charge fees when you transfer money.

Often, if a fee is listed on their site, it can be avoided if you transfer more than a set amount. If you're thinking about sending money to Sri Lanka, you could do much worse than using an FX broker.

To learn more about these companies read our guide Money transfer companies: regulation & the FCA and have a read.

2. High-street-based transfer companies

The logistics involved with making it possible for worldwide transfers to be sent and received in person mean few companies can offer this service - but if you're looking for another way to send money Sri Lanka, those that do offer an alternative.

These companies work with agents globally in hundreds of thousands of locations, so provide a good option for you if you can't get online easily or need to make a very quick money transfer to Sri Lanka from the UK.

The main advantage of sending money this way is that it can be sent from one location and be received at the other halfway around the world in literally just a few minutes.

This service tends to be more expensive than using an FX broker, but fees are still low compared to ones charged by banks - and transfers are usually much faster.

3. Send with PayPal

A third option when transferring money is to do so with PayPal, provided you and the person you're sending it to have accounts and registered email addresses.

As this is a direct transfer made between two accounts, it should take very little time to go through. While you will have to pay (a percentage of the amount being sent), if you need to transfer money quickly and simply, this is an option worth considering.

It pays to make a Sri Lankan money transfer comparison, as by comparing what's available you should be able to get a great rate and make a very quick transfer, for little or no cost. For more on sending cash overseas, read our guide How to transfer money abroad.