Thankfully there are several ways of sending money to Poland but some are better than others, you just have to know where to look...

Send money with a currency exchange company

The simplest way to make a money transfer to Poland from UK is to use a foreign exchange specialist, as these companies offer the best all-round option for moving money overseas.

By using an FX broker, you can sometimes transfer money without having to pay a fixed fee to do so (though often you will need to meet the minimum amount set by each company to qualify).

Even if you do have to pay a fee to use these companies, often it will be smaller than the amount being charged by banks or high-street based money transfer agents.

Brokers also tend to offer the best exchange rates, meaning when you transfer money from UK to Poland you get the best value on the transaction.

Another benefit of using exchange specialists is that transfer often happen quickly, and may even be completed on the same day.

Just because using a FX broker is usually the cheapest choice the cost of arranging your transfer can still vary substantially from one company to another.

Compare money transfers to Poland using our table, which lists companies that deal specifically with transferring money internationally.

Should you use a bank?

While banks will let you send money to Poland from UK, you are essentially throwing money away by using one.

Not only will banks charge a bulky fee, regardless of the amount being wired, they also generally offer poor exchange rates compared to what else is available. This means you are losing money, as you are not getting a rate which reflects its full value.
Moreover, banks generally take longer to move your money than brokers do - so you don't even benefit from a quicker transfer.

Get better rates with online transfers

If you send money to Poland online, not only can you arrange a transfer at a time that suits you, but you will also get access to the very latest exchange rates - meaning you can take advantage of movements in the FX market.

As long as you make a detailed Polish money transfer comparison and get a range of quotes from different companies, you can be sure that you're getting a good exchange deal.

Think about using prepaid cards

If you're unhappy with what's being offered by foreign exchange companies or banks, there is another way of transferring money to Poland - which is by using a prepaid card.
If you want to send money to family members overseas, you can move money into an account which is linked to the card, meaning they can use the card wherever they are to pay for goods.

While there are often still fees for carrying out transfers or cash withdrawals, these are generally low and a percentage-based charge (so linked to the transaction value, not just a flat rate).

To find out more about sending money internationally, check out our guide How to transfer money abroad.