It takes hours for us reach the other side of the world, but thanks to the internet your money can be transferred to an account thousands of miles away in minutes.

Using a bank to organise a money transfer to Nepal might seem like the obvious choice, but actually it's probably the last place you should go when sending money abroad.

Brokers offer the best rates

Currency exchange companies are much better suited to offering good exchange rates than high-street banks because they are solely focused on foreign money transfers.

Forex companies constantly update their rates, are able to provide better exchange deals will be able to send your money quickly.

Sometimes you can choose for your transfer to reach its destination on the same day - and can avoid the hefty fees that banks hammer you with for sending money overseas.

Cheap and convenient currency exchange

The reason using a broker is cheaper is because they don't have to pay any of the massive running costs that banks do - meaning they can provide more competitive rates.

If you compare money transfers to Nepal you'll see that many FX specialists don't have transfer fees - those that do will often knock them off if you send a large amount of money (or more than their minimum transfer).

When making an overseas money transfer to Nepal it's hard to beat brokers for convenience. You can organise transfers online or over the phone, whenever you like.

Location-based money transfer companies

If you need to pay someone urgently but are unable to use an online broker, or the person doesn't have a Nepalese bank account, a good alternative is to use a location-based transfer company.

These companies work with agents at many locations worldwide to provide a means for you to send money from one and have it appear anywhere across their network, to be picked up by the person on the other side.

This process can be completed in less than an hour, offering unrivalled speed. Of course, to make an international money transfer to Nepal this quickly does require you to pay a fee, but for the convenience of the service it's worth it - and still often cheaper than bank transfer charges.

Our table lists brokers and currency exchange businesses that offer fast and cheap international money transfers, so it's worth making a Nepal money transfer comparison to find the best deal for you needs.

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