Whilst the NHS is always there in case of an emergency, on some occasions you might just want to get the problem sorted without having to suffer the interminable waiting list saga.
If this sounds familiar, it is worth considering taking out a policy which provides health insurance for over 50s. There are many providers in the over 50s market so we run through some of the most important factors to bear in mind if you want to compare health insurance for over 50s.

Look for specific cover not generic cover

It's an unfortunate reality that as we get older, we are more likely to have health problems but that doesn't mean that everyone is the same.
A large proportion of the premium you get quoted will be based on your age and as the years go by, private insurance inevitably gets more expensive. However, to find the best health insurance for over 50 year olds, it's worth checking out the insurers who have products specifically designed for the more mature individual.
A policy which isn't tailored towards health insurance for fifty year olds can work out more expensive, especially if you are in good shape. This is because you might find the premium loaded more heavily just due to your age, rather than assessing you as an individual. This is particularly the case for health insurance for 55 and over.

What are the heath policy limits?

Whilst in your 50s you are still a spring chicken, as the years pass you might decide to stick with your over 50 health insurance.
Whilst every type of policy has some restrictions and exclusions - it would be ridiculously expensive if it didn't! - some insurers put an upper age limit on their cover. This means that when you get older, and you will likely be more in need of private healthcare, you will no longer be able to keep the same health insurance for people over 50 and instead will be faced with the hassle of trying to find a new provider.
However, some over 50 health insurance plans do not have age restrictions, which means that if you are happy with your cover, there's no need to switch once you reach a certain age. If this is an important factor for you, make sure you include it in your checks when carrying out an over 50s health insurance comparison.

What you need from your health insurance policy?

It's certainly true that illness does not discriminate and there are some things which can strike at any time. However, as you get older, the risk of other conditions increases and the possibility that you may need certain types of surgery such as joint replacements or cataract removal rises.
If you decide to take out health insurance after 50, you can opt to have a policy which specifically includes the type of cover you may need. It's even possible to find health insurance for over fifties which includes protection for heart conditions.
While chronic conditions are usually excluded from private health insurance, it's worth checking what's included before signing on the dotted line so you know exactly where you stand.