While we all insure our car, our home and our belongings, how many of us also insure our health?
But what are the benefits of family private health cover? And what should you look for when you compare family private health cover quotes?

The benefits of family private health cover

Health insurance for families ensures that all the members of your family will benefit from the best possible care and facilities if they become unwell and need hospital treatment.
Rather than waiting for treatment on an NHS waiting list, private medical insurance ensures that you and your family members will be seen quickly and in a location convenient to you.
Family health insurance typically covers treatment for acute conditions including diagnostic tests, consultations with specialists and any in-patient treatment you or your family need. Some policies will also include cover for out-patient treatment and alternative therapies.
You generally get to choose which hospital or clinic you attend and you'll generally benefit from comfortable, private hospital facilities.

What to look for when you compare family health insurance

The benefits offered by the various family health insurance UK providers differ significantly. So, it's recommended that you shop around and compare family health insurance quotes before you buy.
When you compare family health insurance take the following factors into account:

  • The monthly premium

  • The quality of the cover provided

  • Any specific restrictions on age or maximum claim

Finding a competitively priced family private health cover policy may be your priority and it certainly pays to compare the costs of cover from various providers. However, when you compare family health insurance it is also important to consider the quality of the cover.
For example, does the policy include a range of hospitals convenient to you? Does it cover both in-patient and out-patient treatment? And does it pay for all your hospital accommodation including meeting the cost of you staying with your child?
You should also check the specific terms and conditions of any health insurance for families you are considering.
Check if there is any maximum age for a child or an adult covered under your family policy. And, establish whether the policy has an annual 'maximum claim' limit. This could be particularly important if you have a condition that needs regular treatment or you are in hospital for an extended period.
Finally, when comparing family private health cover quotes always make sure you know what the excess is on any policy. This is the amount of any claim that you pay yourself and it can vary between insurers.