Child only health insurance ensures that your son or daughter can be cared for quickly and by the leading specialists if they fall ill.
However, policies differ from insurer to insurer and so it's important that you compare child health insurance cover before you sign up.

What does private health insurance for children typically cover?

Your child's health is of paramount importance to you. So, if they are ill, it's vital that they are diagnosed quickly and that they benefit from high quality medical care.
The best medical insurance for children will typically cover:

  • Access to private specialists and diagnostic tests to establish exactly what is wrong

  • Specialist private treatment at a hospital or clinic near you

  • Private hospital accommodation and comforts including en-suite bathrooms

  • Accommodation for a parent so you can stay with your child in hospital

  • Access to round the clock health information and advice

Child only health insurance does typically have some exclusions. These generally include pre-existing conditions and any emergency treatment that is required so it's important to check the terms and conditions to make sure they're acceptable before you commit to taking out cover.

What to look for when you compare children health insurance

When you are comparing child health insurance quotes it is important that you compare both the price of a policy and the protection that it offers.
Some private health insurance for children may appear very affordable but you need to check exactly what is covered. For example, it may not include parental accommodation or it may have a limit on the amount of any claim that you can make.
In addition, you should establish whether there is a compulsory excess on the policy. The excess is the amount of any claim that you have to pay yourself and you'll often find that the cost of child only health insurance is lower if you select a higher policy excess.
Make sure also that you check that your chosen policy offers treatment at a hospital local to you. The number of hospitals at which your child can receive treatment varies significantly from insurer to insurer and so you should ensure there are locations convenient to you.
You will generally find that the best medical insurance for children for you will offer good cover at a competitive price.