If you are debt free, like to travel and want a credit card that rewards you for regularly spending, then a credit card air miles deal could be a good choice for you.

Choose wisely and you'll be able to earn free flights and upgrades to destinations across the globe, simply for shopping with your credit card.

However, before you apply for an air miles credit card you need to be confident that you will be able to pay off your credit card statement in full each month and fairly certain you won't need to carry a balance over. This is important because the interest rates charged by even the best credit card for air miles are likely to dwarf the value of any air mile rewards you get.

If you think it's likely you will carry over balances from one month to the next then a 0% purchase credit card may be more suitable.

Providing you're confident that you will pay off the balance of your card each month then it's simply a case of looking for air miles rewards credit cards that offer the best package for the way you spend and travel.

The number of air miles you can earn and how far they'll take you can vary dramatically from credit card to card - so you need to complete a thorough air miles credit card comparison to make sure you're not missing out.

Many air mile credit cards will offer you introductory deals that reward you with bonus air miles that you can use to book free flights providing you spend a certain amount within the first few months of having the card.

There's no doubt that these offers can be very tempting, and sometimes make an air miles credit card worth applying for even if you don't plan to use it long term. However, if you plan on using the card to build up air miles for a number of years you need to check whether the ongoing air miles rate is competitive, as you could end up missing out in the long term.

You can compare the best air mile credit cards side by side using out credit cards air miles comparison table that makes finding the best option easy.