Car insurance is based on risk and statistically younger drivers are far more likely to be involved in a collision; one in five have an accident in the first year they are on the road.

Although there are some steps you can take to reduce the cost of your teen car insurance, if you only want cover for a short period of time you may want to consider temporary car insurance for 18 years old instead.

If you have never considered short term car insurance for 18 year olds you might have some questions about what it covers and how it works. This guide runs through the essentials of how to compare temporary car insurance for 18 year olds.

What does one day car insurance for 18 year olds cover?

Temporary car insurance works in much the same way as any other kind of cover except it is taken out for a much shorter period making it cost effective for those times when you don't need a full year policy.

This might include a short stay at your parents before returning to university, moving house or borrowing a car.

If you are an 18 year old one week car insurance might be all that you need, so why go through the whole process of taking out a policy for a year when you know you will be cancelling it shortly? You can also find 1 month car insurance for 18 year olds - although this is usually the maximum temporary cover allowed.

Alternatively, you might only need temporary car insurance for a day, perfect for those occasions when you might borrow a mate's car or your parents have temporarily loaned you theirs.

How much is temporary car insurance for an 18 year old?

The quotes for the cheapest short term insurance cover will depend on a number of different factors, including how long you want the protection to last. Insurers will also take into account where you live, your driving history and your age.

If you are looking for cheap short term car insurance 18 year old drivers might have to search a bit harder than others. Some providers only begin the cover from age 21 or 23 so an 18 year old - even with an exemplary record - would automatically be excluded. A temporary car insurance for 18 year olds comparison would help to identify the companies willing to consider cover from a younger age.

As another advantage to temporary car insurance 18 year old drivers will not lose any no claims discount if they have a bump whilst driving an unfamiliar car. Any no claims bonus you have on your usual insurance or on your regular car isn't lost if you have an accident whilst covered by a temporary policy.

It is also worth considering the type of cover you want. The vast majority of temporary car insurers offer cover on a fully comprehensive basis but it is possible to downgrade to third party fire and theft if you prefer. This will have a direct bearing on the cost.