But whilst you might be wondering what it's like to drive in another country, don't forget to arrange holiday car insurance to cover you whilst you're overseas.

This could be your all-important cover against the consequences of an accident overseas - the cost of which can rapidly spiral beyond the same accident in the UK.

Arranging cheap European car insurance may sound straightforward but there's a long list of different things to consider. We run through some of the most important factors to take into account when you are looking for short term car insurance for Europe.

When does temporary car insurance to Europe not cover Europe?

Before you start to compare European car insurance cover, you will first need to check the countries you intend travelling through or to.

This may sound like a simple check to carry out, but in some cases not all European countries will be included in cheap temporary European car insurance. Typically this means countries outside the EU while some providers cover some non-EU countries but not others. It's therefore essential to check what the individual terms say.

Temporary car insurance in Europe isn't strictly always a necessity as if you are travelling to some countries - again, mainly EU nations. On some policies, providing you are insured in your home country you will also be covered whilst overseas.

However, it isn't recommended to rely on this as your sole means of insurance as the level of cover will not be the same as in the UK. In some cases, your protection will be reduced to less than third party only so it's usually recommended to take out short term car insurance with European cover to ensure you are properly protected.

What to look for when carrying out a short term European car insurance comparison

In the vast majority of cases, you will want to have fully comprehensive car insurance. However, this isn't always on offer so make sure you double check what type of cover is being provided for the premium. If a quote seems particularly cheap for short term European cover, it may be that you are being charged for third party protection only.

In many cases one week European car insurance will be sufficient for your needs, or at the most, two weeks. If you are going for a bit longer, it is usually possible to find car insurance for travelling around Europe for up to 28 days.

No claims discount is another useful benefit for European single trip car insurance. You will be driving in a different country and the roads will be unfamiliar so whilst there's every chance the trip will be uneventful, there is an increased risk of having an accident. Having protected no claims discount on your European car insurance single trip cover means that if the worst does happen, you won't end up paying for it when you are back home.

Finally, if you are making a single trip car insurance European cover can be a very economical way to make sure you are protected whilst overseas. However, if you will be travelling overseas more regularly, Europe car insurance short term cover could well work out more expensive. Make sure you consider how many trips you are likely to make overseas in any one year before deciding which type of cover is the most suitable for your needs.