If you need to insure yourself on a car for a short period or allow someone else to use your vehicle, then car insurance for a month could be a useful short term solution.

You might need it if:

  • You want to share your car with somebody else while they're stuck without a vehicle

  • You use your car infrequently and only need insurance for short periods

  • You have family or friends staying with you for a while, and they need to use your car

  • You intend to share the driving with somebody on a long road trip

In these cases, looking into cheap monthly car insurance might be your best option.

What to look for in monthly car insurance

Maximum cover offered

Each policy will specify the maximum amount they'll pay out if you claim. Make sure that the policies you look at will be enough to replace your car if required, but don't waste your money on one that gives you more cover than you need.

The length of the term

Even short term car insurance policies have a minimum and maximum length of cover; make sure you only consider insurance companies that offer terms that work for you.

Cost per day

The daily cost of a policy will usually be stated, making it simpler to compare policies of differing terms. Getting insurance for a few days may be more expensive than a longer period such as a week, so ensure that you search to make sure the daily cost won't add up to more.

Minimum age

If a policy is only available to drivers above a minimum age, make sure you're old enough - otherwise you'll just be wasting your time.


A policy's excess amount will be specified in your quote - it means the amount you'll need to pay yourself when you make a claim. For example, with an excess of 200, if you claimed for 700 repairs, you'd pay 200 and the insurer would contribute 500. Lower monthly premiums usually come at the cost of a higher excess.

Other policy limitations

Some one month policies will have other restrictions attached, such as:

  • The vehicle types they cover

  • How many miles you can cover

  • Whether they allow you to drive abroad

Make sure you look out for these and only get quotes for policies that suit you.

How much does pay monthly car insurance cost?

The longer the period you insure a car over, the cheaper the cost per day. Policies for 2 or 3 month car insurance are likely to be cheaper, so if you need cover for more than a month, a longer policy might be your best bet.

If you're looking to let someone else drive your car, the cheapest 30 day car insurance can cost less than adding a named driver to your current policy. This will also keep your no claims bonus safe if the other driver has an accident.

Compare 1 month car insurance

Make sure you don't get too obsessed with just looking for rock bottom prices - the quality of the cover is just as important, as a policy is pretty much useless if it won't pay out when you make a claim.

First, you need to find the policies that give you the cover that suits your circumstances, which you can do with our one month insurance comparison.

When you have several quotes for appropriate policies, choose the one that will cost you the least.