As the name suggests, one day insurance allows you to cover yourself for driving another car over the very short term. You can also use it to insure additional drivers on your own car for a day.
There are plenty of circumstances when daily car insurance can be useful:

  • If you borrow a car from a relative or friend for the day, or pick their car up for them

  • When you want to test drive or collect a new car, but you don't yet have a full policy

  • Sharing the driving on a trip, all drivers must be insured on that same car

  • If you need insurance on a courtesy car

How to choose the best car insurance for a day

Before you start looking at prices, you need to think about what cover you need. Try considering the following features:

Policy term

Most policies will specify a minimum and maximum cover period, so if you just need 24 hour car insurance you can quickly restrict your search to policies that are available over the shortest terms.

Age restrictions

Some companies will only insure policyholders above a certain age, so make sure you don't waste your time applying with an insurer that won't take you on.

Maximum vehicle value

The policies you find will name a maximum amount they'll insure your vehicle for, so only look at policies that will provide enough cover to repair your car or replace if it's written off. You should also avoid policies with a maximum value that's too high, as you'd end up paying for more cover than you need.

Daily cost

Most policies will specify the daily cost, which makes it easier to total up their price and compare policies of different lengths. However, first and foremost the cover itself needs to be right.


If you make a claim, you'll need to pay part of the repair/replacement costs yourself; this is known as the excess, which is usually set by the insurer. For example, if the excess were 150, and you claimed for repairs of 500, you would pay the 150 and your insurance company would pay 350.
A higher excess usually translates to cheaper cover, but make sure that you can afford its fee should you actually need to claim.

Any other restrictions

Make sure the policy covers the vehicle you plan to use and what you want to use it for, such as if you want to drive abroad. Make sure you are eligible for it too - some policies have an age limit.

How much is it to insure a car for one day?

The cheapest 1 day car insurance policies can be cheaper than simply adding another driver to your existing policy, and involve less admin and admin fees (charged by your existing insurer).
They can also be simpler to set up and will protect your no claims bonus, whereas adding a named driver to your existing insurance could push up your premiums if they have an accident.
Generally, the cost of insuring a car per day goes down the longer you insure it for. Policies for 2 or 3 days are unlikely to be cheaper, but cover for a week or more can push the daily price down. So if you need cover for more than a week, look into longer term temporary policies.

How to compare cheap one day car insurance

Remember that the policy's features are just as important as the price, as you'll need one that's sure to pay out if you need to make a claim. Narrow the policies down to ones that suit what you need first; use our 1 day insurance comparison to do this.
Once you've found a few quotes that suit your requirements, you can then pick the policy with the cheapest premiums.