If you're learning to drive, finding cheap learner driver car insurance is likely to be of paramount importance; especially if you're looking to keep your costs down while you pay for lessons.

Here's how to compare the best insurers for learner drivers and find cheap car insurance quotes.

Do you need to be insured as a learner driver?

Like any other driver, when you are learning to drive a car you need to be fully insured.

This means that you need to look for a learner drivers insurance policy that will cover you until you pass your test and are free to get behind the wheel by yourself.

Whether you have your own vehicle or are looking to get insured on a parent, relative or friend's car you need to ensure that you get appropriate cover to ensure you are fully protected while taking to the road with a provisional driving licence.

Most learner driver policies will be available as add-ons to someone else's car insurance - namely whoever is planning on taking you out driving.

As opposed to being offered on an annual basis, learner driver car insurance is generally available as a temporary policy.

This is because, all being well, you will only be driving as a learner driver for months rather than years. As soon as you pass your test you'll be able to be insured with a regular car insurance policy.

You'll usually be able to extend your cover on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis so that you can remain fully insured as a learner driver for just as long as you need to.

Fully comprehensive or third party cover?

When looking for a cheap learner driver insurance policy you will need to decide whether you want fully comprehensive cover or third party cover.

Essentially third party cover will only pay out for any damage you cause to someone else during an accident, while fully comprehensive will also cover your vehicle as well.

Look for the cheapest deal

Once you know what you want from your learner driver car insurance you can start to look for the cheapest suitable quotes.

All the top learner drivers insurance providers are listed in our learner driver car insurance comparison table so you can easily compare policies and look for the cheapest quotes for the cover you need.