New drivers are statistically more likely both to have an accident and claim on their insurance for countless other reasons - this translates into higher premiums on their new drivers insurance.

While cheap car insurance for new drivers under 25 (which is a generally accepted cut-off point, for age-related risk) is sometimes difficult to find, it is still definitely possible for just-qualified drivers to get affordable cover by taking the following approach:

First, identify which policies are suitable; second, check what you can do to lower your risk; and third, get quotes from every suitable insurer to find the best car insurance for the lowest cost.

What level of car insurance cover do you want?

To find the most suitable policies, consider your vehicle and what level of cover you want. If you haven't yet bought a car, it's worth considering buying one that's from a cheap insurance group; this will typically be cars with smaller engines and a good safety record.

Depending on your car's value, you'll then need to decide between third party, third part fire and theft, and comprehensive cover. Third party is the cheapest option, although not available from many insurers, while comprehensive cover offers the best financial protection but can sometimes come at an extra cost.

How can you lower your premiums?

Once you've established which policies are appropriate for your car, consider what you can do to lower your premiums. As part of your quest for cheap car insurance for new drivers 17 and over looking into taking a 'Pass Plus' driving exam can be worthwhile as it will, in your insurer's eyes, reduce your risk by giving you extra experience behind the wheel.

Alternatively, putting an older person (i.e. parent) on your insurance as a named driver can also reduce your premiums - although you should only consider doing this if they will genuinely be using the car. Multicar discounts can lower premiums for households with more than one vehicle, as can volunteering for a high inexperienced driver excess where available. While the latter option is likely to reduce your premiums it is imperative that it's still affordable otherwise you'll find yourself in a situation where you simply can't claim.

Compare quotes from different insurers

While cheap insurance for new drivers over 25 can be slightly easier to come by as you emerge from that high risk age bracket, being newly qualified still has an effect and it pays to approach your new driver insurance comparison in the same manner. If you compare cheap new driver insurance quotes for each suitable insurer, you will be able to find cheap insurance with cover that matches your needs.