Do you need goods in transit insurance?

Goods in transit insurance (GIT insurance) is used to protect you and your business if any goods you're carrying are lost, damaged or even stolen.

Standard vehicle insurance often won't include much cover for the items you're carrying. You'll need goods in transit insurance to cover your costs instead, especially if you often transport items for others, such as if you run a courier or haulage company.

What to look for

There's no point in just getting cheap goods in transit insurance if it won't pay out when you need it. Look out for any restrictions and don't take out a policy that doesn't suit the cargo you tend to carry.

For example, some policies specify a weight restriction, only paying up to a set amount per kilogram of damaged or lost goods.

Others won't pay out for commonly stolen items like electronic devices, so avoid these policies if that's what you carry. If you transport goods outside the UK, make sure the policy you choose will still cover you abroad.

Each policy will also specify an excess, which is how much you would have to pay if you claimed. With an excess of 250, if you claimed for goods worth 1,500, the insurance company would pay 1,250 and you would pay 250.

There will also be a maximum amount the policy will pay out if you claim, so make sure it's enough to cover the value of the goods you're likely to carry.

Compare goods in transit insurance

Goods in Transit insurance is available on its own, although it can be cheaper if you add it onto your main business insurance policy alongside the rest of the cover your business needs.

Think about the value of the things you transport and use our comparison to get a goods in transit insurance online quote from every insurer that offers high enough maximum cover. Check the restrictions and that you'll be able to afford the excess if you claim too.

When you've worked out which ones suit your needs, go with the goods in transit quote that costs least.

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