If you are concerned about the cost of replacing your wedding rings should they be stolen, lost or if the jewellers you order from go into liquidation then wedding ring insurance could give you peace of mind.

Here's how to compare wedding ring insurance deals so that your find the best wedding insurance companies and quotes.

How much cover will you need?

The first step when comparing wedding ring wedding insurance is to establish just how much cover you need.

Essentially this will equate to the combined cost of both of your wedding rings, should you need to replace them or have them repaired in the lead up to your big day.

If you are yet to order your wedding rings and want to get your wedding ring insurance in place in advance then you can always work off the amount you have set aside in your wedding budget for the rings.

Decide on an excess

In order to make wedding ring insurance worthwhile you need to make sure that the excess on your policy doesn't make claiming unaffordable.

While you may be able to get a cheaper premium by increasing your wedding ring excess, there is little value in having a wedding ring insurance policy that is too expensive to use.

What do you need from your wedding ring insurance?

Most standard wedding ring wedding insurance policies will cover your rings against accidental damage, theft and the liquidation of your jeweller should you still be waiting to collect your rings.

However, depending on your circumstances you may feel that you need more extensive wedding ring cover - for example if you are planning on getting married overseas then you are likely to need international cover rather than just insurance for wedding rings UK wide.

Weigh up what you want from your wedding ring insurance and factor in any additional costs when you come to compare quotes so you get the best cover at a low price.

Compare wedding ring insurance quotes

Most standard wedding insurance policies will include wedding ring insurance however, you still need to look for a policy that gives you the cover you need at the lowest possible price.

You'll also need to look carefully at the other insurance components of any wedding insurance policy you're considering to ensure that all aspects of your wedding are fully insured against all possible risks.

You can compare wedding insurance quotes from the best wedding insurance companies using our wedding insurance comparison table.

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