What is wedding marquee insurance?

Wedding marquee Insurance protects the marquee that you hire for your wedding.

It'll protect against loss or damage to the marquee, ancillary equipment and even portable loos if nominated for cover. It's worth checking each policy to confirm exactly what is covered.

Do you need wedding marquee insurance?

Be sure that you need marquee hire insurance before you get it; if your wedding venue has their own marquee then it'll be their responsibility to insure it, not yours. It'll be your responsibility to arrange the cover should you hire the marquee privately.

How do you get wedding marquee cover?

Wedding marquee cover can be purchased as part of most standard wedding insurance packages.

A wedding can be a very expensive event, with the average UK wedding now costing nearly 20,000. For this reason it's important to get protection should anything go wrong, and marquee cover should be part of this.

As wedding marquee cover is usually offered as an additional extra to a wedding insurance policy, make sure the rest of the policy fits your requirements. For a more comprehensive look at wedding insurance have a read of our guide How to Choose the Best Wedding Insurance Cover.

How much cover do you need?

It's important that you get the right amount of cover so that you're protected should something go wrong. Wedding marquee insurance will typically provide up to 20,000 of cover, although some will offer cover up to 50,000. You'll need to find out from the marquee company how much the marquee is worth so you can ensure that you get the right amount of cover.

Some insurers will ask you to specify the level of cover you need so make sure you get it right. Too little and you won't be covered if disaster strikes, too much and you'll pay more than you need to.

Compare wedding insurance quotes

If you've established that you'll need marquee insurance for your big day and you know the level of cover you'll need you can start comparing quotes. When looking at wedding insurance including marquee cover make sure that the rest of policy meets your needs.